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This competition entry was done in collaboration with Jugal Ahuja for the international architecture competition "Re-Stock London Housing" which sought to find solutions to the endless crisis that is affordable housing in London. For the full competition brief, please click here.


Our solution translated the briefing into a simple mission statement: What Is the responsibility of Social Housing in Society?


This was a mission statement that coursed through every decision during our design process. Currently, housing is seen as a permanent solution for its low-income residents, most of whom are trapped in an endless and unbreakable cycle of poverty while little thought is given to the idea of breaking this wheel. Currently, 17% of the UK Population lives in Council housing and while this number has come down from 30 years ago, over the last 10 the trend has been growing once again and instead of adding to this pattern we decided to ask ourselves a question; How can we Rethink Community and its role in preventing poverty? We sought out to turn social housing into something that is more of a community. To do this we looked at the issues that most plagued low Income and homeless individuals and sought to answer the question of how can we use Council Housing to best assist those in need and help them see a way out.



Affordable Housing




London, United Kingdom







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