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Schism Architecture & Design is a Multifaceted Boutique Architecture & Design Studio based in Miami, Florida. While working occasionally with larger Commercial projects, SAD primarily focuses on high end Custom residential homes in the South Florida area. The firm is Led by its Founder & Principal, Zalmy Meyer, AIA.

At Schism Architecture & Design, we believe that great design requires a willingness to challenge convention and break away from the status quo. Our firm was founded with a vision to create innovative and transformative architectural solutions that positively impact people's lives and the communities they inhabit.

At Schism Architecture & Design, we embrace the idea of a "schism," recognizing that groundbreaking designs often emerge when we explore new possibilities and disrupt the ordinary. With a team of talented architects, designers, and project managers, we strive to bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions to every project we undertake.

Our firm is rooted in Miami, Florida, and we take great pride in our role as a fifth-generation Floridian company. This deep connection to our home state fuels our passion for sustainable and environment-conscious design that both respects and enhances Florida's unique ecosystems and cultural heritage.

We specialize in a diverse range of architectural and design styles, offering expertise in modern, minimalist, classic, and traditional approaches. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction drives us to deliver spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, efficient, and environmentally responsible.


Whether we are designing residential spaces, commercial complexes, or public institutions, our approach remains consistent: we engage in meaningful collaboration with our clients, valuing their aspirations and ideas, and leveraging our expertise to turn them into reality. Through this partnership, we aim to create exceptional spaces that inspire, uplift, and stand the test of time.



Zalmy Meyer, AIA


Zalmy Meyer, AIA, brings over a decade of experience in the field of Architecture to SAD (Schism Architecture & Design). As the firm's Principal Architect, Zalmy's expertise spans various fields, from High-End Residential projects to Commercial and Municipal ventures.

Throughout his career, he has taken the lead on over Half a Million Square Feet of Award-Winning Architecture + Construction projects, showcasing his versatile talent in creating exceptional spaces, including luxurious homes to City Halls and everything in between.

Zalmy is born and raised in Miami, Florida as a 5th generation Floridian, he posses a Masters in Architecture from Florida International University School Of Architecture and uniquely understands the multi-cultural and tropical life style of South Floridians and brings that mentality into every design.

Outside of SAD, he has worked closely with Jason Chandler of Chandler & Associates on numerous award winning projects and currently teaches as an Adjunct Professor for Florida International University's School of Architecture. 

In addition to his architectural work, Zalmy's work in architectural photography has significantly shaped his skills as an architect. His keen eye for capturing the essence of spaces has elevated his design perspective, enabling him to envision projects with a unique and artistic flair.

Zalmy's dedication to his craft recently earned him the prestigious title of "Photographer of the Year," an award that recognizes his outstanding contributions to the field. This achievement further highlights his commitment to excellence and innovation in every aspect of his career.

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